DOPAL snake and frog logo DOPAL logo Python and Azureus!
  • Automatic connection handling (maintains connection information, maintains request IDs, generates input XML, handles response XML).
  • Local object representation of remote objects - you can interact with objects available in Azureus as if they existed directly in Python.
  • Persistent connection functionality - automatically renegotiates the connection and synchronises object IDs if the Azureus server has been restarted.
  • Highly modular - Functionality is broken down, so that alternative API's can be written while using this library.
  • Supports connections to multiple Azureus servers.
  • Supports a large range of classes defined in the Plugin API.
  • Automatically converts between Java and Python types.
  • Errors raised in Azureus are propogated and raised in Python.
  • Has a large subset of the methods defined by the plugin API defined in DOPAL (note the XML/HTTP plugin controls what methods can be called).