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This is a simple page for the Jython Plugin for Azureus (I'll have more information by the time of the next release).

AzJython is a plugin for Azureus which provides a Jython environment inside Azureus - it's currently useful as a debugging tool, and later versions will make it more useful as a plugin prototyping tool, as well as providing an environment to make it much easier to write scripts to provide additional functionality to Azureus.

Version 0.3 is the first public release of AzJython. This is currently limited to providing a basic Jython interpreter inside Azureus - with some default values provided to allow investigation and experimentation through the plugin API.

This version is still a bit rough around the edges, but later releases will improve the usability of the interpreter. The ultimate goal will be to provide an environment which makes it very straight-forward to write Python scripts which extend the functionality of Azureus.

This plugin will only work with recent betas of Azureus, so any version which b32 or higher will work. You can install the plugin directly from Azureus, or download the JAR file directly from the plugin list page for Azureus.

You can download the plugin manually from here.

Does this mean the end of DOPAL?

No. DOPAL hasn't been worked on much recently, but I'm still intending to continue developing it. There are various benefits using DOPAL over AzJython, and vice versa.
This website will eventually become the joint home of DOPAL and AzJython - and make it clearer the differences between the two.