DOPAL snake and frog logo DOPAL logo Python and Azureus!
Current version: 0.60
Released: 3rd May 2005
DOPAL is a library to allow programs written in Python to easily communicate the Java BitTorrent client Azureus, via the XML/HTTP plugin (allowing communication over a network).

It provides a high-level API so that you can interact with the same objects which are available to Azureus plugins - even though DOPAL runs completely independently of Azureus. See the features page to know what this library can do, and the examples page gives a demonstration of how to use DOPAL.

Please let me know if you do use the library for your own projects - I'm interested in seeing what parts of the API are used and what isn't (I'll make more of an effort to ensure the API being used externally will remain backwardly compatible with future changes).

Also let me know if you use DOPAL in a Python 2.2 environment - I am planning to drop support for Python 2.2 in the near future.

This library is GPL licensed, though if anyone wants to convince me to move to a different license, I'm willing to listen... :)