DOPAL snake and frog logo DOPAL logo Python and Azureus!
To run DOPAL, Python 2.2.1 or greater is required.

It's not technically necessary for Azureus to be installed for DOPAL to work, though it is helpful. :)

You don't need to install Azureus on the same machine as DOPAL is installed on - it just needs to be reachable over the network from the machine DOPAL is installed on. Any version of Azureus which supports the XML/HTTP plugin should be fine (any version after 2.0). The XML/HTTP plugin must be installed (and configured) for that Azureus server.

If you are running Azureus or, it is recommended to enable the "Use generic classes" setting in the XML/HTTP plugin to allow more of the functionality available in Azureus to be accessed through DOPAL. Later versions of Azureus will default to using this setting by default (it is no longer exposed as an option in these releases).